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KANJANI8 Musekinin Hero

kanjani8 chaaa chhhaaa cccccchhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
fainally kanjani8 will have a new single <Musekinin Hero> T__________________________________________T
yaattaaa yaattaaa yaattaaa XXXXXXXXD
can't keep calm

musekinin heroooo!!!
cha cha cha cha!!!!


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Well first of all my LJ layout is sucks
I'm tierd and I tried my best

the video I made is much better than the layout

17 yaaatttaaa~~ ne XD
your present is on the way
hope you like the video
cya soon hopefuly

sorry for being late
I hate youtube =.=
here you go>>>

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Thx. honey love you
Loved your present loved the cake (I'm on diet and I break it =.=)
Goooooooooosh I loved the picture
loved the t-shirts -the puple one will make me girly girl gonna take picture with it and show you ;)-
ne hontou ni arigatou CHUUU~~~~~ ^O^


haha~~ some choco are missing (I ate them)
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(no subject)

the Rich text won't open with me grrrr >_<'
how should i post pictures now??????
I can't resize them anymore
If you now anything about it tell me
gonna die T____________________________T
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Yestarday was the first day of Ramadan minna~~ Ramadan Kareem ^^

Well every Ramadan all the family come to our house to fast
So since I like to make accessories and everyone here like them
I said that I will do what ever they want, then make it for them ^^
and that everything will cost only 2.7$
Well they bought alot from me
for the first day making 43.8$ is a great thing as a start (don't you think so!)

I made a present for my cousin < xkawaii_devilx >
hope she likes it ^^

Ne If I'm about to open a shop here would you buy something?
Please comment I need your answer
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I didn't write any entry for a long time
Now I’m in Yemen...
Actually, when my uncle told me that we're going there I didn’t want that at all
But after seeing the children faces and the place itself I really liked it, u should all visit it

           they are really cute right hope u like them too

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